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Erin Hatzikostas

Erin Hatzikostas is the living, breathing business case for authentic leadership. She spent the “first half” of her career working in the corporate world, where at the age of 42, Erin became the CEO of a $2bn healthcare financial institution. In just 3 years, she tripled earnings and sent employee engagement skyrocketing. And just when things were going great, she decided to walk away so that she could help solve what truly breaks her heart: the immense lack of authenticity and happiness in Corporate America.

Through her company, b Authentic inc, Erin is provoking a movement to eradicate the all-too-fake corporate environment by inspiring and enabling an army of people to crush their career, without compromising everything else.

Erin is a prolific speaker, thought leader, and edutainer. She has spoken in front of thousands, is a regular contributor to Business Insider and other publications, and cohosts an offbeat career and leadership podcast.